NEW ERA DANCE COMPANY  "It's all about the dance!"
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About Us

Fusing various styles of dance, New Era Dance Company (NEDC) conceived in 2009, is a contemporary company that strives to promote dialog by producing thought provoking movement to stimulate its audience. Embracing the "creative spirit", NEDC fosters an environment in which company members are encouraged to challenge themselves by exploring and developing their choreographic ideas.
Currently based in Baltimore, MD at Inertia Arts Performing studio, NEDC consists of six talented members varying in skill and experience. 

Garry L. Dunn -  Founder & director/ choreographer/dancer:
     A native of Richmond, VA, Garry was inspired by the original movie "Fame" and began studying dance at local studios in his home town. Later he attended
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) where he received a B.F.A. in dance and choreography. Although he studied post-modern while attending VCU, he was introduced to, and had the opportunity to further his training in Horton and Graham technique while performing with The Harry Bryce Dance Theater.
After relocating to Baltimore in 1997, he began performing and choreographing for companies such as Kinetic Dance Theater, Full Circle Dance Company, and Dance Baltimore, ultimately resulting in him starting NEW ERA DANCE COMPANY.

Miaesha Blackwell - Dancer:
  Having studied under various artists in Baltimore, Miaesha now lends her talents to New Era Dance Company. With the discipline and focus she acquired as an accomplished cellist and violinist, Miaesha not only dances, but acts as assistant director to NEDC, fine tuning and providing a critical eye when needed.
  Miaesha lives and promotes a life of good physical and mental health for others through Healthy Living with Meesh.

Kenyatta Macon-Moon - Dancer:

Kenyatta Macon-Moon, a Maryland native, brings a raw passionate zest to NEDC. She received her first opportunity to study the arts in high school as a novice member in the school's Modern Dance Ensemble.
Living in Europe, Kenyatta taught creative movement to students at the International School in Dusseldorf, Germany. As the founding director of Nsoroma Academy for Holistic Thought, Kenyatta has incorporated the disciplines of martial arts and Yoga into the curriculum. Fusing these elements along with her training in various styles of dance, she now lends her talents to NEDC.

John Davis - Dancer :
A native of Baltimore, John began dancing in 1999 at Deve Christian School of Dance. He continued to horn his craft as a member of New Beginning Church Ministry and coaches at the Power in Dance Ministry where he studied under Min. Lynsai Green. This motivated him to start his own dance ministry, Like David Ministries.

Sybastien G. Retais - Dancer:
A native of Baltimore, Sybastien attended Baltimore City College and graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory & University in 2003 with a BA in theater and dance. A member of AEA, some of Sybastien's accomplishments include Chicago,Parade, My Fair Lady, Evita and many others. Sybastien's ambition to become a choreographer is pursued as he joins NEDC.

Keona Jones - Dancer:
A native of Baltimore, Keona danced with a variety of dance companies throughout the region which includes Drexel University's Dance Ensemble. As a teacher in the Baltimore City Public Schools, Keona uses  a wide array of dance techniques such as ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and Carribean folk to enrich the live of her students as well as her own.
While teaching is her profession, art is her passion.


While our mission is to educate, enlighten, and entertain through movement, our motto is "Its all about the dance!".
If you are interested joining NEDC on a voluntary basis, please submit your information via  our "Contact Us" page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. All Dancers are welcome, especially males!
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